Thursday, 11 November 2010

Piccolingo - art and literacy at Stockbridge Nursery

We divided into 4 groups and talked about 4 different art works- 2 by Spanish artists and 2 by Polish artists. Gaudi, Velasquez, Poznan, Witzacy.We followed a set of questions based on content, form, process and mood. Two of the groups were led by native Polish and Spanish speakers who used both languages whilst engaging in talk with the children.

Once the talk was over the children were encouraged to try a range of activities that involved exploring the art work. The photos show the activities- these ranged from water colour to sawdust and paint textures, monoprinting, photo-montage, large squeezy painting outside, very wet sand, textured water, wood textures with woodwork and colour mixing.

The atmosphere was fantastic and children really engaged!

All the words ( Polish, English and Spanish) and pictures generated that day will be used for a display in the nursery.

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