Thursday, 11 November 2010

Piccolingo activities in St Peter's Primary

St Peter's Primary celebrated Piccolingo by inviting parents to come in and read a story in their first language. In Primary 1-3, parents read from a whole range of languages including Irish Gaelic, Spanish, Japanese, Polish, Italian, Korean, French and Russian. The upper school took part in the event too, and children in these classes read to their peers in their first language. The EAL Service provided each class with copies of age appropriate dual language books from the school library. 
The school have started a display so that everyone in the school can share in the event, and there is going to be a page devoted to this event in the school's visual record book (big size) with photos and comments.
Feedback from those who took part in the event was very positive.
Comments included:
  • I am thinking of inviting more parents in the future as there are many other languages we can all enjoy. (Class Teacher)
  • This was quite easy to do and very enjoyable. (Class teacher)
  • I could understand the train story in Polish because there were lots of sounds in it. (pupil)
  • It made me feel happy when my mummy came in to school. (pupil)
  • Please let me know when you are arranging something like this, I would love to come again. (parent)
The school hope this event will be the first of many multilingual and multicultural events.

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