Monday, 22 November 2010

Stanwell Nursery Languages Week

Stanwell Nursery held a Languages Week to celebrate Piccolingo in Action. During this week, parents came into the nursery and read to the children in their home languages, including Hindi and Arabic. 

St Mary’s RC Primary

The whole school was involved in celebrating Spanish and French as part of Piccolingo: Languages in Action. All classes from P1 – P7 had a game, song, interactive game on the smart board or a snack relating to the language they learn in their class.
These pictures show show P7s practising a French play, some P4s learning a song about the weather and then practising having a weather forecast. Also some P6/7s learning about pets using the Smartboard and there's some P2s learning how to say how they are using the BBC Children's French web site.


Thursday, 11 November 2010

Piccolingo - art and literacy at Stockbridge Nursery

We divided into 4 groups and talked about 4 different art works- 2 by Spanish artists and 2 by Polish artists. Gaudi, Velasquez, Poznan, Witzacy.We followed a set of questions based on content, form, process and mood. Two of the groups were led by native Polish and Spanish speakers who used both languages whilst engaging in talk with the children.

Once the talk was over the children were encouraged to try a range of activities that involved exploring the art work. The photos show the activities- these ranged from water colour to sawdust and paint textures, monoprinting, photo-montage, large squeezy painting outside, very wet sand, textured water, wood textures with woodwork and colour mixing.

The atmosphere was fantastic and children really engaged!

All the words ( Polish, English and Spanish) and pictures generated that day will be used for a display in the nursery.

Moffat Early Years Centre

On Wednesdy 10 November, the children at Moffat Early Years Centre were joined by teachers and puppets from Institut Français d’Ecosse to celebrate Piccolingo Day of Languages.  The children learnt new songs, rhymes and games. Angela, one of the early years workers, wrote:

Our Piccolingo event was superb. Agnes and Julien were fantastic. It was an ideal way to introduce French to our children and parents. The children made French flags and had crepes and croissants for snack. The day was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

Grassmarket Nursery

On 10th November, Grassmarket Nursery celebrated Piccolingo: Languages in Action.  They displayed the photos of parents doing group sessions with the children this term. Parents have translated the song 'Friends,friends,123. All my friends are here with me' into Polish, French, Taiwanese, Nepalese and Scots. On Wednesday they continued this with a parent and a former parent singing the Urdu version.
The nursery also displayed the photos of their involvement with the Piccolingo event on the 29th September.
The nursery had their usual French immersion session from 9am - 12.30pm with the French teacher. This included having lunch with the children.
On Wednesday morning, Marie-Christine Thiebaut, who is the Education Officer for Scotland from the French Institute, visited Grassmarket Nursery.

Piccolingo activities in St Peter's Primary

St Peter's Primary celebrated Piccolingo by inviting parents to come in and read a story in their first language. In Primary 1-3, parents read from a whole range of languages including Irish Gaelic, Spanish, Japanese, Polish, Italian, Korean, French and Russian. The upper school took part in the event too, and children in these classes read to their peers in their first language. The EAL Service provided each class with copies of age appropriate dual language books from the school library. 
The school have started a display so that everyone in the school can share in the event, and there is going to be a page devoted to this event in the school's visual record book (big size) with photos and comments.
Feedback from those who took part in the event was very positive.
Comments included:
  • I am thinking of inviting more parents in the future as there are many other languages we can all enjoy. (Class Teacher)
  • This was quite easy to do and very enjoyable. (Class teacher)
  • I could understand the train story in Polish because there were lots of sounds in it. (pupil)
  • It made me feel happy when my mummy came in to school. (pupil)
  • Please let me know when you are arranging something like this, I would love to come again. (parent)
The school hope this event will be the first of many multilingual and multicultural events.

Leith Walk Primary School – Primary 2 and 3

On Monday 8th of November, Primary 2 and 3 held a ‘Languages in Action Afternoon’.  We were delighted to welcome parents and volunteers into class to help us celebrate the diversity of languages spoken in our school.  The children rotated around six different activities, in small groups, where they could experience speaking Bosnian, Portuguese, French, Catalan, Panjabi, Polish, Bengali and Urdu.  The activities included songs, rhymes, stories, games and counting.  The children also greatly enjoyed creating flags to represent the nationalities in our classes.  The event was so successful that we hope to repeat it again next term!

Piccolingo: Languages in Action - a great success!

Piccolingo: Languages in Action was a great success! Early Years establishments across Edinburgh celebrated language learning by holding events of their own. There was lots of dressing up and singing, and many languages were celebrated. Over the next few days will be publishing photos of some of the exciting events that were held on 10th November.  Watch this space...

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Abbeyhill Nursery

Abbeyhill Nursery will celebrate Piccoling: Languages in Action on Wednesday 10th November. The EAL teachers will read a story to the children in Polish and Urdu. The nursery teacher will read a story in French, and parents have been invitied to visit the nursery and read stories too.

Gracemount Primary School

On Wednesday 10th November, children at Gracemount Primary will be learning the months of the year in Polish and Arabic, and in in P1, they will be using a 'Timothy Goes to School' DVD to learn how to say 'thank you' in a variety of languages . The children are really looking forward to it.

Craigour Park Primary

The EAL team at Craigour Park Primary were involved in celebrating the Piccolingo event on Monday 8 November. A number of activities took place throughout the school. It was great fun - all pupils were very enthusiastic and keen to talk about and try out different languages.
More information is available from the Craigour Park Primary website.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Broughton Primary School

Broughton Primary are celebrating Piccoling: Languages in Action on Wednesday 10th November with an International Day. The whole school will be involved.
In the morning, all pupils will move round classrooms to ‘visit’ all countries (classes). Each class will need to design a flag of their country and display it somewhere in the class. All pupils will be given a ‘passport’ and when they have visited each ‘country’ they will draw the relevant flag in their passport and write interesting facts they have found out about each country.
In the afternoon, all pupils, parent helpers and staff will go to the hall for an ‘International Concert’.

The countries to be celebrated include:
  • Nigeria
  • Scotland
  • Bangladesh
  • Spain
  • Jamaica
  • Pakistan
  • Poland
  • France
  • India
  • Malawi
  • Japan

Stockbridge Primary Nursery

On Wednesday 10th November, the children in Stockbridge Primary Nursery class will celebrate Spanish and Polish. They will take part in an art and literacy day focusing on Spanish and Polish art works, working in many different ways and with a wide range of media. They will also look at key words linked to the paintings, such as colour, size and mood.

St Mary’s RC Primary

The whole school will be involved in celebrating Spanish and French as part of Piccolingo: Languages in Action. All classes from P1 – P7 will have either a game, song, interactive game on the smart board or a snack even, relating to the language they learn in their class.

St George's School

St George's School for Girls write...
We are hoping to hold a special day on the 10th November to celebrate languages. We use the Madeline stories as a focus for our French teaching and are holding a Madeline Day on the 10th. The girls will be asked to come dressed as Madeline and we will set the Nursery up as "The old House in Paris." We will line up in groups of 12 as in the story and the teachers will use French as much as possible.
Madeline's friend Pepito is Spanish and the boys can come dressed as Pepito. Our Spanish speaking parents will come in and help us with a little Spanish too. We have 2 Italian speaking children so we will try to incorporate a little Italian as well.
We will have a Parisian cafe and the children will be offered French snacks. Cooking, tasting, creative activities and physical activities will be planned in relation to the Piccolingo: Languages in Action day.

Crewe Road Nursery

Crewe Road Nursery will be celebrating the large number of languages represented by children and families in the nursery, including French, Polish, Russian, Swedish, German, Romanian and Spanish. Parents are taking part in the celebrations by recording their voices (hello and goodbye in different languages) and by being inviting to a play morning in the nursery.

Bright Horizons at Bruntsfield

Bright Horizons at Bruntsfield are going to celebrate Polish, German, Italian and French on Piccolingo: Day of Languages. Children will learn a song from each country and also a simple phrase, for example, “please” and “thank you”. Music will be played from different countries, and there will be posters and welcome signs in different languages. Parents are coming in to read stories to the children and carry out art activities.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Moffat Early Years Centre

On Wednesdy 10 November, 20 children from Moffat Early Years Centre in Craigmillar will be joined by teachers and puppets from Institut Français d’Ecosse to celebrate Piccolingo Day of Languages.  The children will learn new songs, rhymes and games including
  • Introduction of the puppets (greetings, my name is, how are you?)
  • Song "La marche" (to dance)
  • Play discovering 3 fruits: banana, apple, tomato What is it? / It is good!