Monday, 8 November 2010

St George's School

St George's School for Girls write...
We are hoping to hold a special day on the 10th November to celebrate languages. We use the Madeline stories as a focus for our French teaching and are holding a Madeline Day on the 10th. The girls will be asked to come dressed as Madeline and we will set the Nursery up as "The old House in Paris." We will line up in groups of 12 as in the story and the teachers will use French as much as possible.
Madeline's friend Pepito is Spanish and the boys can come dressed as Pepito. Our Spanish speaking parents will come in and help us with a little Spanish too. We have 2 Italian speaking children so we will try to incorporate a little Italian as well.
We will have a Parisian cafe and the children will be offered French snacks. Cooking, tasting, creative activities and physical activities will be planned in relation to the Piccolingo: Languages in Action day.

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